Now grooming Monday through Saturday!

Welcome to Puptown.

Where dogs like to hang.
And by hang, we mean go completely bonkers
(in the best possible way).

Kennels, non-existent.
Playing encouraged.

Here, dogs have the run of the place – and run they do.

Well, run, chase, climb, crawl and just generally knock themselves out, having a grand time with the others. Beds also available for pups who prefer to chill and watch from the sidelines. Every breed, size, age (of 4 months), and bark-type are welcome.

We’re keeping the place squeaky clean as always!

We’re cleaning like mad around here on a daily basis, and we kindly ask that if you’re feeling not-great, please stay home and rest up with your pal.


Stop by for a visit.

You’ll find our place noisy and tail-waggy, but exceptionally clean, safe, and well-supervised by people who adore what they do.



Whole days. Half days. They’re all great days at Puptown. Pick your pal up thoroughly exhausted – and deliriously happy.

Some play it cool. Others completely lose their minds running and sniffing and zig-zagging all over the place. Either way, you know they’re happy. Full-day and half-day (4 hours or less) sessions are available – all supervised 24/7 by our endlessly patient, canine-crazy staffers who happen to be quite generous with the pup-hugs and behind‑the‑ear scratches.

Here’s a typical day’s schedule. twirling + sniffing + running + drinking + panting + barking

(Followed by a serious power nap at home. PS: there may be snoring.)


If your dog kept a calendar, Puptown days would be circled with big hearts and arrows. (There may even be a countdown.)

They don’t just play. They go completely bonkers.
Hold on tight to that leash. Here, dogs run like banshees to get inside. (Picture the opposite of what happens at the vet.) All-day fun is followed by a sound sleep on raised dog beds complete with comfy blankets in a room near our staff.


Your pup will emerge a great-looking, better-smelling version of its former self. From minor touchups to major seasonal overhauls, we’ve got your pal covered.

A li’l snip-snip here. Some shearing there. A good sudsy scrub. Here, it’s all part of the drill. Oh, and if you have a specific look in mind, just let us know and our professional grooming team will make it happen.

Grooming Only

Available Monday - Saturday.

Play & Groom Packages

Make a day of it with one of our combo deals.


Here’s where you tell us everything you can think of about your dog. Go on now, don’t hold back. Share away. We want your dog’s stay to be an amazing experience. And the more we know about your pup, the better care we can provide.


We’re not psychic, but we do anticipate questions pretty well. Find answers below, or get in touch with us. Always happy to chat pups.

You can reach us at 763-478-0203 or send us whatever’s on your mind via email here. We’ll get back to you stat.

For the health of all our adorable Boarders and Playcare pups, we require current Rabies, Distemper (DHPP), and Bordetella. The vaccinations must be age-appropriate and completed 7 days prior to the dates you book with us. (Side note for Grooming-only clients – a current Rabies vaccine is the only requirement.)

Are the Orientation and Welcome Back Day must-do’s or optional?
Before you commit to any Boarding or Playcare dates, we do a free orientation to give dogs the chance to check the place out, meet our staffers and decide for themselves if the group setting is a good fit for their personality.

Orientations are scheduled Monday through Saturday, arriving between 8:30-9:30am. If everything’s going swimmingly (and it usually does!), you can pick your pup up around 4 hours later.

Welcome Back Days work the same way (but they're not free), they’re for dogs who haven’t joined us recently. For comfort and safety reasons, we require a full day of play prior to your Boarding reservation if your dog has not joined us for Playcare or overnight Boarding within 2 months of the reservation arrival date during peak boarding times (holidays and school breaks), or within 6 months during non-peak boarding times.

Why? It helps ensure us (both!) that your dog is still comfortable in the group setting over here. Plus, it gives our staff the chance to get reacquainted with your dog. It also reassures dogs that they will be picked up, so they don’t feel anxious when you drop them off for their actual boarding days.

Standard full-day PlayCare charges apply for the Welcome Back Day.

We do indeed. So when bites, cuts, or other things happen, this is our MO.

We first contact the pet parent to let them know what’s happened and discuss their preference in terms of next steps.

If we’re unable to reach the pet parent (or other emergency contact provided), we will contact the vet on record and collaborate on a plan of action.

If a situation occurs outside of normal hours for the vet, we will contact Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Services in Eden Prairie for 24-hour care.

Keeping Puptown safe is a daily priority for us. The Orientation is part of that protocol and helps us decide if a dog is a good fit here. That said, all dogs have teeth and claws, move quickly while playing and react fast when annoyed. Long story short, accidents happen. Our staff is well-versed in identifying and resolving aggressive situations to keep any scuffles to a minimum.

See our Release form on the main page of this site for more formal details relating to care of dogs here at Puptown.

Please bring food clearly marked with your dog’s name, the amount for each meal (in cups), and number of meals each day. Food doesn’t need to be packaged by individual meals – as long as we know the amount, we’re on it! We recommend including a little extra in case all the activity over here leaves your dog more ravenous than usual, and so we have enough if there’s a delay in your pick-up plans.

Please also include any medications your dog may need, in the original packaging from the vet with clear dosage instructions.

Don’t worry about toys, bowls, bedding, etc. We’ve got all that covered.



Remy was an early adopter of PupTown, having joined when he was just a pup in 2009.  We love how much the staff loves our little guy, and how they don’t lock him in a kennel. As a result Remy is very socialized and a happy guy! He particularly loves the people (and the people bed), the great play yard, comfy cots for snuggling up for a little nap. He’s been known to help the new guys get to know the joint (he’s the Resident Orientator)! Remy is full time days and sometimes he has sleepovers when we go on vacation. We are very pleased with PupTown and appreciate them every day! 

Sherri Nichols

Remy's Owner

We have been taking Sophie to Puptown since she was a puppy and she is 10 years old now! We have used Puptown's boarding services, daytime play packages and their grooming services. All have been excellent! The mix of older and younger dogs keeps Sophie on her toes and helps her socially as she gets older. The staff is so caring and friendly - sending us photos and keeping us updated when Sophie has longer stays. Sophie always enjoys her time at Puptown and is tired out when we come to get her. We have nothing but positive words when speaking about Puptown!

Angie Lubenow

Sophie's Owner

We've been coming to PupTown for 10 years and have trusted the kind care given our fury children. After the loss of our dog, we adopted a rescue from Texas. Theo is a Border Collie and came to us with some extreme fears and didn't trust people. When we got him he hid shaking under a chair. We entered him in the training program at PupTown and the staff have gently built his confidence. The difference in Theo in a short period is remarkable. We come weekly for training and now he whines as we turn down the road to get there. We are so grateful to the staff for helping Theo become a happy & joyful dog.

Duane & Vicki Keskitalo

Theo's Owners